09-29, 8 p.m., Filmmuseum: UNDERDOX opens with Thomas Heise SOLAR SYSTEM

This Thursday, the 6th edition of UNDERDOX will be opened with the new documentary by Thomas Heise, Solar System. (Thursdas, 09-29, 8 p.m., Filmmuseum, entrance fee: 6 euros )

Sonnensystem/Solar System Trailer HD from Thomas Heise on Vimeo.

Heise is well knewn as chronicler of the Eastern German “Wende”and documentary filmmaker of Eastern German phenomenons. In Solar System he entered a completely new terrain, and filmed the daily live of the Kullas, an indigenous community high up in the mountains of Northern Argentina.

Thomas Heise will attend the screening!

After the Q&A you’re invited to join us in the Stadtcaf√© for a self-baken quiche & Co.

Reservations: 089 / 23 39 64 50 (Filmmuseum)

See you on Thursday!

Your UNDERDOX team

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