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Solar System by Thomas Heise is this years opening film. Heise, a documentary filmmaker and dramatic director from Berlin, is entering a new territory: In the high mountains of Argentina he reveals the every day routine of indigenous Kollas, down in the valley he looks for the life of deaf-mute Fortunato. Further he learns about the story of Bernardo, whose tractor overturned. Heises film encounters without words, it is a narration about how to get to know each other and about seeing each other. (Thursday, 29.09., 8 p.m., Filmmuseum,  with the participation of Thomas Heise).

As Artist in Focus for this issue we present Ben Rivers, FIPRESCI award winner of the Venice festival 2011. A British flick-artist on the go! His films explore wild surroundings and enclosed worlds, giving a feeling of reminiscence about future time. Those memories are somehow occupied by a patina, which move his films into an indefinite distance, thanks to his principle of operation: Rivers is filming with a 16mm Bolex, most of the time in black and white, sometimes even on expired film stock. The exposed material is developed by himself. We are showing his unique 16mm Scope Trilogy! (Friday, 30.09., 6.30pm, Filmmuseum)

These days Greece suffers a lot and nobody talks about its position as cultural nation. We do. Vassily Bouriks from Thessaloniki is our guest curator. With participation of the Greek Film Archive, he compiled the program Firewalkers of Greece for us. It holds films of Joseph Hepp, Roussos Koundouros, chronicler of the 1950ies and 1960ies and Marina Gioti, filmmaker and video artist from Athens. (Thursday, 29.09., 8 p.m., Filmmuseum, with the participation of Vassily Bourikas)

Often history in movies is told by archived snippets. Two of our selected films, which explore the past, are using photographs: The Portuguese work 48 by Susana de Sous Dias reveals portraits of political prisoners out of 48 years dictatorship. Printed Matter is a Belgian-Israeli contribution of filmmakers Foighel & Efrat. By photographic contact prints they discover coexistence of political and private history: Intifada exists right beside a Sunday’s walk. (Both fims on Saturday, 18.30 p.m., Filmmuseum, with the participation of Foighel & Efrat)

Also this year, of course, we show fictional films between our terms of document and experiment: Isild Le Bescos brand new blast Bas-Fonds (Friday, 21 p.m., Filmmuseum), La BM du Seigneur (Saturday, 1.10., 20.30 p.m., Werkstattkino), The Sleeping Girl (Montag, 3.10., 20.30 p.m. Werkstattkino, with participation of Rainer Kirberg) and our closing film Finisterrae (Wednesday, 5.10., 22.30 p.m., Werkstattkino), a totally hilarious flick about the inner journey of two ghosts, directed by Katalan Caballero, the Sonar-Filmfestival maker.

Furthermore, in our UNDERDOX Shorts section, we show films by Luc Moullet, Boris Lehman and Austrian filmmakers, who make dogs fly and bring mice to live in flats. (Sunday, 8.30 p.m., Werkstattkino, with participation of Boris Lehman, Isabelle Martin and Nikolaus Eckhard)

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The festival directors

Dunja Bialas & Bernd Brehmer

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