UNDERDOX - dokument und experiment

has been founded 2006 in Munich as an international festival for experimental and artistic film. The programme focuses on documentaries that distinguish themselves through their extraordinary artistic quality. UNDERDOX also shows feature films with a more documental narritive style. Furthermore, it presents entertaining Mockumentaries that reinvent reality in seemingly authentic documentaries. UNDERDOX disregards any genre limits and adds a new and youthful festival to Munich’s existing festival landscape. It positions itself next to the International Dokumentarfilmfest München "Dok.Fest" and the International Munich "Filmfest" as a film event featuring artistically ambitious productions.

The films are being selected at major international festivals as Rotterdam, Berlin, Marseille, Vienna, Pesaro und Bruxelles. UNDERDOX shows these films as Germany or Munich premieres.

UNDERDOX also presents the region’s upcoming artists. In a separate section of the programme we show videos of artists from Munich and its environs for the first time on a cinema screen. Subsequent to the projection the artists discuss their works with the audience. UNDERDOX creates in this an opportunity for the intellectual exchange on temporary art.