Here you will find the programme as PDF download (in German)

UNDERDOX halbzeit
8 juni 2017 – filmmuseum münchen – 7 p.m.

Film lecture with british artist Miranda Pennell

part 1: FISTICUFFS – choreographies of presence

Human Radio
2002 | 9 min | Super16mm* | OV
People dance in private moments of personal abandon across London in the summer of 2001.

You Made Me Love You

2005 | 4 min | Video* | no dialogue
Twenty-one dancers play a game of cat and mouse with an unpredictable camera. Losing contact can be traumatic.

Drum Room
2007 | 15 min | Video* | no dialogue
The empty spaces of an ambiguous building open-up to reveal a group of aspiring musicians as they play together, alone.

Magnetic North
2003 | 8 min | 16mm* | no dialogue
Adolescent rituals are played out across the wintry landscapes of small-town Finland.

2001 | 9 min | 16mm* | no dialogue
Grand Prix International Vidéo Danse, Saint-Etienne
Trees and wildlife look-on as the countryside is invaded by a lost regiment of soldiers engaged in a repetitive display.

2004 | 11 min | 16mm* | no dialogue
Six actors punch, kick and wrestle their way through the Wild West of an East London drinking establishment.

part 2: FORENSICS – film as an archive

The Host
2015 | 60 min | HD | OV
Punto de Vista Award for Best Film 2017
A filmmaker turns forensic detective as she pieces together hundreds of photographs in search of what she believes to be a buried history, only to find herself inside the story she is researching. The Host investigates the activities of British Petroleum (BP) in Iran; a tale of power, imperial hubris and catastrophe.