la bm du seigneur (The Lord’s Ride)

Jean-Charles Hue | F 2010 | 84 min. foto

Material: HDCam
Format: BluRay
Original language: French

Script: Jean-Charles Hue
Camera: Chloé Robert
Editing: Isabelle Proust
Sound: Benjamin Le Loch

With Fred Dorkel, Joseph Dorkel dit Jo, Joseph Dorkel, Michaël Dauber, Moïse Dorkel, Philippe Martin

Production: Avalon Films
Print/Sales: Capricci Films

Awards: Special Mention, Indielisboa 2011

German Premiere


Fred belongs to the travelling people, one that has nothing to do with guitars, bonfires or Gipsy folklore. No, he lives in northern France in a caravan and makes a living by stealing cars. Business is good, and his family and friends highly respect and fear him. Until one night the visit from a mysterious being turns his world upside down. After the impact of this sort of miraculous encounter, Fred decides to quieten down even knowing that his decisions will put him in an awkward position towards his peers.
In a weird, enigmatic blend of docufiction, western, science-fiction, and road movie, French filmmaker Jean-Charles Hue creates an hallucinating film (in every sense of that word) in which each scene invents its own rules of aesthetic necessity and delirium. In its complete lack of care for logical explanations, "The Lord's Ride" seems to celebrate a cinematographic innocence extinct long time ago. – Film Festival Mar del Plata, Argentine


Jean-Charles Hue, born in 1968 in Paris, video artist and film director. He is part of the nomadic Yenish people. In his work he questions his roots, mostly on the edge of documentary and fiction.

Films (selection): Perdona mi Mama et Quoi de neuf docteur 2004 | Un Ange 2005 | Y’a plus d’os 2006 | L’Oeil de Fred 2007 | La BM du Seigneur 2010