Toujours moins (Less and less)

Luc Moullet | F 2010 | 14 min. foto

Material: DV
Format: DigiBeta
Original language: French

Luc Moullet
Pierre Stoeber
Editing: Anthony Verpoort

Production: Le Fresnoy, Les Films d'Ici
Print/Sales: Le Fresnoy



Typical Luc Moullet: dryly comedic narrative about our cold society, in which room for inter-human relations continually decreases. – IFF Rotterdam

In 1993, I filmed "Always More". The indispensable complement was missing. It evokes in 14 minutes the development and expansion, from 1968 to 2010, of the devices based on computers, automats, interactive terminals and others that can be found in everywhere. The aim of our current system appears to be to employ a single individual in each sector of activity. We are not there yet, but we’re getting there... A schizophrenic world, since, at the same time, businesses have to pay the price for these suppressions in an indirect way. We can’t leave millions of human beings jobless. An observation that is both bitter and funny: the methods of this perpetual reduction are surprising and comical. — Luc Moullet


Luc Moullet, born in 1937 in  Paris has made a large number of lighthearted and humorous films. He has been a film critic for Cahiers du cinéma. "Les and Less" is his 40th film.

Films (selection): Un steak trop cuit 1960 | Brigitte et Brigitte 1966 | A Girl is a Gun 1971 | Les Havres 1983 | Les Sièges d’Alcazar 1989 | Toujours plus 1994 |Nous sommes tous des cafards 1997 |Au champ d’honneur 1998 | Le Prestige de la mort 2006 | La Terre de la folie