bas-fonds (Dregs)

Isild Le Besco | F 2009 | 68 min. foto

Material: HD
Format: DCP
Original language: French

Marie Chaduc, Isild Le Besco
Thomas Bataille, Jowan Le Besco, Nicolas Hidiroglou
Editing: Sylvie Lager
Sound: Pierre Bariaud

With Valérie Nataf , Ginger Romàn, Noémie le Carrer , Gustaver Kervern, Benjamin le Souef

Production: Shangso

Print/Sales: Emilie Eisele

German Premiere



Le Besco shows less interest in the how and why of her setting than in the here and now — the carefully observed, moment-by-moment realities of a group of people who seem to be devising their own reality as they go along. Nor does she exploit the material for its superficial lurid qualities. And as in Le Besco's other work, "Bas-fonds" extends to the viewer a feeling of being pulled so deeply inside this alternate universe that we ourselves lose all sense of which way is up. Indeed, somehow this frequently startling and profoundly unpleasant film ends up in a place of odd tenderness and beauty. — Scott Foundas, Film Comment January/February 2011


Isild le Besco, born in 1982 has worked in front of the camera since she was eight, with feature credits including Adolphe (2002), Le Coût de la Vie (2003), A tout de suite (2004) and L’Intouchable (2006) by Benoît Jacquot . She was twice nominated for a César for her roles in Sade and Roberto Succo. She is the sister of the actress Maïwenn, who directed Pardonnez moi that can be seen at this years’ Underdox Film Festival as well.

Films: T’es où? 2000 | Demi-Tarif 2004 (UNDERDOX 02) | Bas-fonds 2009