El eco de las canciones (THE ECHO OF SONGS)

Antonia Rossi | Chile 2010 | 71 min. foto

Material: HDCam
Format: BluRay
Original language: Spanish, Italian

Script: Antonia Rossi, Roberto Contador
Antonia Rossi, Pedro Micelli
Editing: Antonia Rossi, Roberto Contador, Santiago González
Sound: Patrico Muñoz

Production: Leonora González
Print/Sales: Joan Rivera

Awards: Winner Esperance Prize, FID Marseille 2010





In 1973, after the coup in Chile, many people went into exile. Among them were Antonia Rossi's parents: they settled in Rome and Antonia was born there. When democracy was reestablished in 1989, most expatriates went back to Chile with their children, among whom some, like Antonia Rossi, had never seen the country.
Drawing from her personal experience, Antonia Rossi considers every thread one by one, in an introspective tale which questions the places, the images and their historical burden. She explores family and television archives, and confronts them with her own memories. – Nicolas Féodoroff, FID Marseille


Antonia Rossi Charnes, born in 1978 in Rome, where she lives until 1988 when she returns to Chile together with her family. In 1996 she enters Arcis University to study Cinematography and finishes in the year 2000. In 2001 she enters Post graduate studies in Visual Arts at the University of Chile.

Films (selection): Vuelta a Casa 2000 | Mediatarde 2001 | Autostop 2004 | La Pampa 2004 | Intervalo 2005 | Ensayo 2006 | El Eco de las canciones 2010