Djamel Kerkar

Algerien / Frankreich 2016

111 min – DCP – Arabisch
Deutsche Premiere

B: Djamel Kerkar – K: Djamel
Kerkar, Bilel Madi – S: Djamel
Kerkar, Corentin Doucet
T: Antoine Morin – P: Centrale électrique, Prolégomène
V: Pascale Ramonda



“Oulad Allal is a place suspended in time and space, as soon as you enter it you have the impression to travel through time. At the same time, several layers of Algeria’s history are superimposed here and this area is also in constant transformation. Setting my camera down there became necessary because the traces of war are disappearing daily. This place gives you deeply moving sensations when you see the ruins up-close. You can climb on them to contemplate a majestic tree that was able to survive it all or look at men who are desperately attempting to rebuild a house. It’s dreadfully beautiful. The film faithfully follows the events we lived during the film shoot. Initially there were those dramatic landscapes and, as things progressed, extraordinary encounters. Bodies and souls revealed themselves. Then people spoke freely and tongues untied.”
Djamel Kerkar

sunday 9 oct 9.00 p.m. filmmuseum münchen

Djamel Kerkar was born in Algiers. He spent a part of his childhood in Tunis and worked as a programmer for a film club (Cinéclub chrysalide) in Algiers. He holds a degree in directing from the Ecole des arts visuels de Marrakech in Morocco. 

Films Archipel 2012 – Earth Is Full of Ghosts 2014