Alipato – The Very Brief Life of an Ember



Philippinen / D 2016

87 min – HD – Tagalog – Deutsche Premiere

B: Khavn, Achinette Villamor – Mit Marti San Juan, Dido De La Paz, Robin Palmes, Khavn, Bing Austria
K: Albert Banzon – S: Carlo Francisco Manatad – SD: Fabian Schmidt – P: Khavn, Achinette Villamor, Stephan Holl – V: Rapid Eye Movies




A fiction. An 11 year old runaway, the oldest daughter of three.
An absent mother, an abusive father, a grandmother too pure to imagine what is going on.
A field trip, the girl disappears… she has found refue in a truck; an initiatory journey, a chance meetin, new encounters; a wonderful and tragic road movie with a Scottish truck driver "when love just happens."

"I wrote Je m’appelle Hmmm... in one go, some ten years back, on an impulse, at the same time as I was carrying on with fashion design, and was waiting for the moment to achieve my 'real things.' I had read in 'Le Monde' an article about an accused man who killed himself in the judge's office, using a letter-opener. I took the liberty of inventing the story that could have led him to this desperate gesture—on the occasion of a school trip to the seaside, a 12-years-old or so girl, abused by her father on a regular basis, escapes.
I wanted to make a film against prejudice and show one should be careful not to make hasty judgments. You risk picking the wrong target. I wanted to show this journey as an 'out-of-time' period... and also show the intensity of their mutual love, so silent, pure, and evident. This is not my own personal story, but I know what I’m talking about." – agnès b.

samstag 8 okt 22.30 uhr werkstattkino

KHAVN kulas talon Delakrus born in 1973 in Manila.  He is a filmmaker, composer, writer, and pianist. He has made 47 features and more than a hundred short films. Called the father of Philippine digital filmmaking, Khavn is known for his micro-budgeted productions shot with guerrilla speed and methods. He is the festival director of .MOV International Film, Music, & Literature Festival, the first digital film festival in the Philippines.

Films Squatterpunk 2007 (2. UX) – Ultimo 2007 (2. UX) Philippine Bliss 2008 (3. UX) – The Middle Mystery of Kristo Negro 2009 (4. UX) – Mondomanila 2012 (7. UX) – The Ruined Heart 2014 Desaparadiso 2015 – Simulacrum Tremendum 2016 – Alipato 2016