César Vayssié

Frankreich 2016

153 min – HD – Französisch
Publikumspreis, Prix Georges de Beauregard, FID Marseille
Deutsche Premiere

B+K+S: César Vayssié Mit Marc-Antoine Allory, Sarah Amrous,
Cyril Brossard, Clara Chabalier u.a.
Raphaël Neal M: Pierre Avia
P+V: Caroline Redy – Co-P: Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers, Centre
Chorégraphique National de
Montpellier u.a.




“Unable to formulate a social project and concrete solutions, a small group of young people imagines spectacular, artistic and political action stigmatizing the role of television through chaos currently upsetting contemporary society. Once the action is taken, the group easily slips out of the bounds of law. The action is filmed in an isolated chalet up in the Alps and in Nanterre-Amandiers. The image borrows freely and empirically from kino-genic codes and the artifices of theatre in search of allegorical and choreographic forms of narrative. The theatre is an art workshop and a base camp, props in a fiction whose main characters are also comedians, a company, a rock band, a small group, and inoperative artists engaging in the kind of action that might change their lives. Perhaps.“ César Vayssié

sunday 9 oct 3.00 p.m. werkstattkino

César Vayssié born in 1967, FRANCE director, videographer, photographer, musician « César Vayssié has been directing free, empirical cinema for about a decade, with movies devoid of any production constraints, the forms of which he permanently reassesses out of a deliberate, sometimes cynical, desire to put himself in the periphery of cinematographic narration. » «The essential grammatical structure César Vayssié applies in his films is one of fragmentation. This allow him to built and reconstruct, within a highly personal an contemporary organisation, the world as it appears to him. A collage of real experiences and sequences lifted from archival footage constitutes the framework of his productions. the editing emphasizes the opposition between the artist's extreme individual reality and the reality of the world at large, with its current events and their repercussions. It is impossible to classify this work within a single category, it oscillates between that of documentary and fiction, narration and video direct, archival montage and fictional scenes.» (from Miles McKane, Ici Paris Europe, Anthology Film Archives, New York)

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