Ein Haus in Ninh Hoa
A House in Ninh Hoa




Philip Widmann

D 2016

108 min – HD – Vietnamesisch

B: Nguyen Phuong-Đan, Philip Widmann Mit Lê Thi Trong Ai,

Lê Thi Hong Yen, Nguyen Thi Đào

K+S: Philip Widmann T: Karsten Krause P: pong V: Grandfilm




In a house in the South of Vietnam, paths cross that separated
40 years ago and branched out as far as Germany. Of three Vietnamese brothers, one went to West Germany as a diplomat in the 1970s, where he then stayed with his family. Another brother was lost in the war. The third is the only man living in this house with the women of the Le family. Then his nephew and niece arrive from Germany to sort some things out, both material and metaphysical. The meeting of the relatives and their conversations make certain family constellations clear that are characterized by migrational experience and the ghosts of the past.

saturday 8 oct 6.30 p.m. filmmuseum münchen (with Vapour)

Philip Widmann  Since the 1960s, Portabella always maintained a political commitment with all those movements against the Franco dictatorship that supported individual and collective democratic liberties. In 1977, he was elected Senator in the first democratic elections and he participated in the writing of the present day Spanish Constitution. In 1999, was honoured with the Creu de Sant Jordi, the highest recognition that a person can receive from the institutions of the Generalitat de Catalunya. He has presided over the Fundación Alternativas since 2001. As a filmmaker Pere Portabella has been a relevant presence in the Spanish film world for the last fifty years. With Films 59, his production company, he fostered some of the most emblematic films in the history of Spanish cinema. Los Golfos by Carlos Saura (1959), El Cochecito by Marco Ferreri (1960) and Viridiana by Luis Buñuel (1961). A long interval ensues between Informe General in 1976 and his return to his work as filmmaker and producer at present, during which he enters the political/institutional world during the "Transition" period in Spain. In 2001, his films became part of the artistic collection of the MACBA. In 2002, he was the only Spanish artist invited to participate in Documenta 11 in Kassel.

Films Destination Finale 2008 (4. UX) – Die Frau des Fotografen 2011 (mit Karsten Krause) – A/M, Spring Version 2012 – Szenario 2014 (mit Karsten Krause) (9. UX) – Fictitious Force (10. UX) – Ein Haus in Ninh Hoa 2016