Ang Babaeng Humayo  
The Woman Who Left


Lav Diaz

PH 2016 – 228 min – Tagalog

Lion, Venice 2016

B+DOP+E: Lav Diaz  – P: Ronald
Arguelles, Lav Diaz – D: Grandfilm – With Charo Santos-Concio, John Lloyd Cruz, Michael De Mesa, Nonie Buencamino



Diaz offers an incisive study of the distance between rich and poor,
past and present in this tale of a woman who has spent nearly half
her life in a form of suspended animation. Released in 1997 after
spending 30 years in prison, Horacia encounters a very alien world:
her husband has passed away and though she has reconnected with
her daughter, she cannot find her son. But she soon recognizes what
hasn't changed: the power and privilege of the elites – a fact that is
brought painfully home when she realizes that her aristocratic former
lover, Rodrigo Trinidad, set her up for the crime for which she was im
prisoned. Ironically, he is now something of a prisoner himself, though
his cage is considerably more gilded: like his other rich friends, he is
housebound due to a recent rash of kidnappings targeting the wealthy.
While they are entirely irrelevant to Horacia and those she befriends,
for the ruling class the kidnapping incidents represent the greatest
crisis in the country's history. Horacia takes advantage of this hysteria
as she begins to plot her revenge. (Steve Gravestock)

sunday 8 oct 6.30 p.m. filmmuseum münchen

Lav Diaz   * in 1958 in Cotabato, Mindanao (Southern Philippines). He graduated in economics with a degree. Before venturing into making feature films he made some short films and documentaries. Since 1993, Lav Diaz has lived in Queens, New York City, with his family.

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