Tremor – Es ist immer Krieg



Annik Leroy

BE 2017 – 90 min – Italian, German, Icelandic, Dutch, French

German Premiere

B: Annik Leroy – DOP+E+S: Julie Morel, Annik Leroy – M: Giacinto Scelsi – Texts: Pier Paolo Pasolini „Profezia“, Ingeborg Bachmann „Malina“, Fernando Nannetti, Barbara Suckfüll – P: Cobra Films, Auguste Orts – D: Auguste Orts
With the voices of Ingeborg Bachmann, Alberto Moravia, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Sigmund & Anna Freud


Somewhere between speculation and reality, Annik Leroy’s meditative
films explore the dark areas of European history. TREMOR is driven by
the voices that run through it – the voices of poets and madmen, of a
mother or a child. From reflexive thought to spontaneous account, from
witness statement to fiction, in turn they talk about their experience of
violence and war. We listen to them while our gaze is taken to places
and scarred landscapes that are impossible to place. Noises from
elsewhere filter through. The image becomes distorted and porous.
Music starts to play. The film hones in on the presence of a pianist,
before diffracting again. TREMOR is a sensory journey between
memory and nightmare. An act of resistance.

saturday 7 oct 9.00 p.m. filmmuseum münchen

Have a look at the excerpt of VERS LA MER to get the impression of Annik Leroy's filmmaking.

Annik Leroy   * in 1953 in Brussels. She studied at the Ecole Nationale d'Architecture et des Arts Visuels (La Cambre) in Brussels and has been working as a filmmaker and as photographer since 1973. She is presently teaching documentary and experimental film at the Hogeschool Sint-Lukas in Brussels as well as narrative art at the Brussels Institut Supérieur Libre d'Arts Plastiques (ERG). .

Films   In der Dämmerstunde Berlin de l’aube à la nuit 1981 – Vers la mer 1999 – fffff+ppppp 2000 –Cellule 719 2006