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Lav Diaz

PH, FR 2019
276 min | HD | Tagalog

B+E: Lav Diaz | DOP: Lav Diaz, Daniel Uy
S: Corinne De San Jose | P: Spring Films; Sine Olivia Pilipinas | D: Indie
Sales | With Hazel Orencio, Joel Lamangan, Piolo Pascual, Shaina Magdayao

Tuesday | 15 oct 6.30 pm | Werkstattkino 

Historic amnesia and negationism, these two adored practices by dictatorships, are posed by Lav Diaz as a state of suspension. He imagines a near future, in the Philippines, where in the middle of a “Dark Killer”, the sunset and the turning of the days in eternal nights, a dictator finds the proper climate to keep cementing his power. The darkness blankets him, and the inhabitants left after the catastrophe, seem to be lethargic under this influence of fear.

”If maybe the film is material for science fiction and horror, the codes of Lav Diaz’ cinema remain the same, that is to say, the dispositives of a film with long shots, of fixed cameras and dialogues in almost ghostly situations. Stopped times in situations of characters who seem to wonder, a contrasted black and white to draw this permanent state of oppression, and a soundtrack of noise music and heavy metal as catharsis.” (Desistfilm)

Diaz   born 1958 in Cotabo / Philippines. Lives and works in the Philippines. In the early 90s Diaz went to the USA and worked there as a journalist.
At the same time he began working as a screenwriter and shooting his first opus magnum BATANG WEST SIDE. Diaz is one of the most internationally successful Filipino independent directors. His films about the Philippine soul have won numerous awards at major A-festivals. UNDERDOX has been showing his overlong films, which belong to the "Slow Cinema", since the first year.

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