Life Out There Has It Been Seen?   
A vida aqui, está vista?



Filipe Carvalho

PT 2018
German Premiere
32 min | HD | Portuguese

B: Filipe Carvalho | DOP: Filipe Carvalho, Inês Alves, Laura Lomanto, Laura
Marques, Raul Domingues, Vera Moreira | E: Filipe Carvalho, João Miller Guerra | S: Filipe Carvalho, Jaime Quental | P: Uma Pedra No Sapato

Wednesday 16 oct | 6.30 pm | Werkstattkino | With Terra 

Pyrite has run out in the old mining complex of São Domingos. But in this semi-abandoned territory, which is a national heritage site, life persists. Is a vision of the future important for the present of this small village? Observing life unfold in Mina de São Domingos, the film offers an utopian path towards the future of this territory and its community.

Filipe Carvalho  
born 1987 in Lisbon. Studied visual anthropology in Lisbon. Since 2008 he has been producing documentaries and video installations. Carvalho lives and works in Lisbon and Munich.

Lugar Cheio, Solidão Vagueia 2009 | Legados de José Afonso 2010 | Fio D’Azeite 2012 | A vida aqui, está vista? 2018