Plum Circus



Katrina Daschner

AT 2019
German Premiere
12 min | HD | no dialogues

B+S: Katrina Daschner | K: Hannes Böck | T: Sabine Marte | P: Lady Chutney Production | V: sixpackfilm

Monday 14 oct | 6.30 pm | Werkstattkino | With Rights of man

A circus and artists of the sort one knows only from dreams: peculiar, eccentric, mysterious, but also brutal, bloody, and horny; that´s how the performances in Plum Circus by Katrina Daschner can be described. Visible is a diva in a pink dildo costume followed by two tightrope walkers who lift weights, balancing with feather boas.

Katrina Daschner  
born in Hamburg. She lives as an artist and filmmaker in Vienna. She shows her projects internationally in exhibitions and at film festivals.

Flaming Flamingos 2011 | Nouvelle Burlesque Brutel 2011 | Parole Rosette 2012 | Hiding in the Lights 2013 | Powder Placenta 2015 | Perlenmeere 2016 | Pferdebusen 2017