Lamaland 1


Pablo Sigg

MX, CH 2018
German Premiere
91 min | 35mm on HD | no dialogues

B+DOP+S+P+D: Pablo Sigg | E: Emilio del Cañal | With Friedrich Schweikhart, Max Josef Schweikhart

Sunday | 13 oct 6.30 pm | werkstattkino 

Here is the embodiment of Nihilism, perhaps the ultimate diabolic expression: Life moves nowhere; there is no plan, no telos; the present circulates endlessly, repetitively, and the matter of the world itself is falling down into the abyss. Within this bloodless ontology, two brothers who survived a religious, “utopian” experience in the 1880’s are devoted to stubbornly perpetuate themselves in a world marked by monotony and lack of action. The worn-out bodies of the Schweikhart brothers – the last witnesses of the Arian community founded by Elizabeth F. Nietzsche in 1887, in a place that was known as Nueva Germania – seemed to be destined to putrefaction, just as all living things surrounding them. (Roger Koza)

Pablo Sigg  
born 1974 in Mexico, is known for his long research processes. LAMALAND 2 is currently being cut from the extensive 35mm film material.

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