Suzuki Hiroatsu, Rossana Torres 

PT 2018
German Premiere
60 min – HD – Portuguese

B+DOP+E+S+P+D: Suzuki Hiroatsu, Rossana Torres

Wednesday | 16 oct 6.30 pm | werkstattkino 

Associated for many years with the Alentejo region, they turned two mounds for burning charcoal on the shore of a lake near Mértola into the main protagonists of The Earth. However, this is not a classic
documentary about “beautiful work,” about a craft fading into obscurity. The observation of the material world in this case is not so much a pretext for a story about the people and the history of these places as it is a way of creating a form that is spectacular in its minimalism.
The experience of cinema is beyond words, reason the filmmakers.
Thus, what we are dealing with in their film is the nature of an
alchemical process that is full of mysterious gestures. We wanted to provoke viewers into feeling what we ourselves felt in contact with the basic elements of the world that surrounds us: water, fire, air, earth, space. The result is a film that is like incense, shrouded in smoke that purifies and beautifies. The rhythm of the film is tuned to the rhythm of this particular place on Earth, which will move you and give you strength, no matter where you come from. (Agnieszka Szeffel – New Horizons)

Suzuki Hiroatsu  
Autodidactic filmmaker and visual artist. After some experience with independent film productions, he moved from Kyoto to Okinawa, where he became interested in landscape photography. He travelled to Europe to develop his visual and artistic practice through photography and film viewing. After seeing some Portuguese films, he decided to live and work in Portugal.

Rossana Torres  
born in Romania while her parents were in political exile, returned to Portugal as a child to live with her grandparents near Tondela, and later moved to Lisbon to study fine arts and film. In 1994 she moved to Mértola, where she taught photography and video. In recent years, she has worked with the Os Filhos de Lumière association to develop and implement artistic education programmes through cinema. She founded the Entre Imagem association for film production and cultural and educational projects.

Joint Film Projects  
Cordão Verde 2009 | O Sabor do Leite Creme 2012 | Terra 2018