Trypps # 7 (Badlands)

Ben Russell | D 2011 | 105 min. foto

Material: 16mm
Format: BluRay
Original language: no dialogues

Ben Russell
Ben Russell
Editing: Ben Russell
Sound: Ben Russell

Production: Ben Russell

Print/Sales: Ben Russell



"Trypps #7 (Badlands)" charts, through an intimate long-take, a young woman's LSD trip in the Badlands National Park before descending into a psychedelic, formal abstraction of the expansive desert landscape. Concerned with notions of the romantic sublime, phenomenological experience, and secular spiritualism, the work continues Russell's unique investigation into the possibilities of cinema as a site for transcendence. – Michael Green, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago


Ben Russell, born in 1976. Ben Russell studied arts and semiotics at the Brown University and film and new media at the Art Institute in Chicago. He works as photographer, curator and experimental filmmaker. Ben Russell lives in Chicago.

Films (selection): The Ataraxians, Extra Terrestrial 2004  |  Trypps #1, The Red and the Blue Gods, The Twenty-One Lives of Billy the Kid 2005  |  Trypps #2, Michoacan: La Muerte / El Traidor 2006  |  Peace Noise, Trypps #3 (UNDERDOX 05) 2007 | Trypps #4, Tjúba Tén / The Wet Season  2008 |  Let each one go where he may (UNDERDOX 05) 2009  |  Trypps #7 (Badlands) 2010