Bruno Dumont

FR 2019
137 min | HD | French

B: Bruno Dumont | Text: Charles Péguy
DOP: David Chambille | E: Basile Belkhiri
S: Philippe Lecoeur | M: Christophe
P: 3B productions | D: Grandfilm
With Lise Leplat Prudhomme, Fabrice Luchini, Christophe

Sunday | 13 oct 11.00 am | Theatiner 

Two years after Jeannette, l´enfance de Jeanne d'Arc, Dumont continues his portrayal of the French historical heroine by adapting the last two sections of ”Domrémy”, a play by Charles Péguy. Set to music by the French singer Christophe, JEANNE portrays the stubbornness of the young woman who rose up to lead the French army, to fulfil the mission she declared she was chosen for: to deliver her country from English occupation. 

Dumont   born 1958 in Cotabo / Philippines. Lives and works in the Philippines.born 1958 in Bailleul, Northern France. Studied philosophy in Lille, where he was influenced by the teachings of Ernest Renan's critical-rational Christianity. He is one of France's most intellectual, original and experimental directors. In 2018 he was awarded the honorary leopard of Locarno.

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