L.a. Tea Time


Sophie Bédard Marcotte

CA 2019
German Premiere
85 min | HD | English, French

B: Sophie Bédard Marcotte | DOP: Isabelle Stachtchenko | E: Joël Morin-Ben Abdallah | S: Juliette Guérin, Gaël Poisson-Lemay | P: Caroline Galipeau | D: La distributrice de films | With Sophie Bédard-Marcotte, Isabelle Stachtchenko

Sunday | 13 oct 4.30 pm | werkstattkino 

A filmmaker stuck in an arid, jobless Montreal winter embarks on an improbable quest across the USA, taking her director of photography along for the journey. L.A. TEA TIME is an unusual travelogue, at times meditative, at times haunted, recounting the adventures of Sophie and Isabelle with humour and a little touch of magic.

Sophie Bédard Marcotte  
Studies at the Mel Hoppenheim School of
Cinema in Montreal, Quebec.
Marcotte's films give room for detours and adventures, leaving behind the standards of a more didactic and controlled cinema with lots of meta wit.

   J'ai comme reculé, on dirait  2017 | Claire l'hiver 2014 | L.A. Tea Time 2019