The Tree



Henry Hills

AT / US 2019
German Premiere

10 min | 16mm on HD | silent
S: Henry Hills | D: sixpackfilm

Tuesday 15 oct | 8.30 pm | Werkstattkino | Short Film Night

“I had shot a B&W reversal camera roll of this tree as my contribution to the ´A Roll for Peter´ memorial for Peter Hutton and, happy with the result, pursued it further, adding color negative even. In the mid-1970’s as I was beginning to work in film I started an in-depth study of discontinuous single-frame editing as perceptual enhancement training. This footage, 40 years later, filmed primarily as continuous shots over all four seasons, has been deconstructed into single frames, reconstructed through a variety of scored arrangements, and edited into a composition in Adobe Premiere on my laptop.” (Henry Hills)

Henry Hills  
has been making experimental films since 1975. In New York's East Village he worked with composer John Zorn and choreographer Sally Silvers. Since 2005 he has been a visiting professor at the FAMU in Prague. Hills currently lives in Vienna.

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