steifheit 1-3 / 7  
stiffness 1–3 / 7



Albert Sackl

AT 2018
German Premiere

9 min | 16mm on 35mm | no dialogues
P: Albert Sackl | D: sixpackfilm

Tuesday 15 oct | 8.30 pm | Werkstattkino | Short Film Night

STIFFNESS seems simple at first glance but is a cunning undertaking fluctuating between narcissism and self-demolition. In his hyped sequences of movements Sackl produces something that is also like slapstick—relentlessly making fun of (mainly his own) conceptualism, with a dead serious face, sarcastically reproducing the old joke about the avant-garde as a masturbation technique of brazen and unfounded artists. (Stefan Grissemann)

Albert Sackl  
born 1977 in Graz. Studied philosophy and art history in Vienna, film studies at the Städelschule Frankfurt/Main, art studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Since 2007 teaching at the School for Independent Film in Vienna.

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