UNDERDOX in paris
Munich unique!
[Goethe-Institut Paris]
[Rencontres internationales]

28. Februar – 15. März 2020
Goethe-Institut Paris

On the occasion of the Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin the Goethe-Institut Paris presented the Munich international film festival UNDERERDOX with a program of video and film art from February 28 to March 15, 2020. As part of the Goethe-Institut's focus program "Munich unique!", the festival presented a "best of" from recent years, including the winners of the VIDEODOX award and a selection of UNDERDOX short films.

In the group exhibition curated by Dunja Bialas, Bernd Brehmer and Matthias von Tesmar, nine audiovisual works deal in a special way with the cinematic aspects of video art.
With works by Ivan Paskalev, Narges Kalhor, Yulia Lokshina & Angela Stiegler, Karen Irmer, Agnes Jänsch, Camille Tricaud, Franziska Unger, Ulu Braun, Franz Wanner and Roman Wörndl.

A total of fifteen UNDERDOX artists' delegation traveled to Paris for the exhibition opening and film screening on February 28, 2020. It was the eve of Corona and has remained a memorable memory for all of us. We would like to thank the Goethe-Institut Paris, especially Katharina Scriba, the organizer of the program, and Barbara Honrath, the director of the institute.

filmprogramm | UNDERDOX

Halo München    
Krsto Papić  
JU 1968 | 12 min
8. UNDERDOX 2013

pretty girls don't lie
Jovana Reisinger  
DE 2017 | 28 min
12. UNDERDOX 2017

Rire, jouer, mourir
Claire Angelini  
DE/FR 2019 | 10 min
14. UNDERDOX 2019

Not Even Nothing Can Be Free of Ghosts
Rainer Kohlberger  
D/Ö 2016 | 11 min
11. UNDERDOX 2016

Alex Gerbaulet  
DE 2017 | 15 min
13. UNDERDOX 2018
Breath Death (disarmed) – Yoga für Frauen und Bären
Evelyn Rüsseler aka Bear Boy  
DE 2018 | 6 min
13. UNDERDOX 2018

Billy Roisz  
AT 2017 | 4 min
13. UNDERDOX 2018

ausstellung | VIDEODOX

Yulia Lokshina & Angela Stiegler  
Subjective Hill
VIDEODOX Förderpreis 2019

Ivan Paskalev  
VIDEODOX Förderpreis 2017

Narges Kalhor  
VIDEODOX Förderpreis 2014

Camille Tricaud & Franziska Unger  
Apocalypse Airlines

Ulu Braun  
Die Herberge

Karen Irmer  

Agnes Jänsch  
Wir waren sehr glücklich  

Franz Wanner  
From Camp to Campus  

Roman Wörndl  
Hinter dem Vorhang