Orientierungslosigkeit ist kein Verbrechen

Disorientation isn't a Crime




Marita Neher, Tatjana Turanskyj

Deutschland 2016

76 min – HD – Deutsch, Englisch

Mit Nina Kronjäger, Anna Schmidt

K+S: Kathrin Krottenthaler

P: turanskyj-ahlrichs.com




Two women, whose comfortable outlook on life is challenged
and shifts gradually. Lena, a journalist whose life is in crisis, is in Greece researching a story on European external border security and migration policy. The story intricately interweaves with the
coincidental friendship that arises between her and Amy, an activist with the Refugee Welcome movement. Amy accompanies Lena on her research, part out of boredom, and part motivated by curiosity.

The friction between both women arising from their different perspectives on the refugee crisis, activism, work, and the state of capitalism, generates a road movie which unravels as they charge along on their travels through rural Greece, in their search for
invisible borders and trying to make sense of the current situation. The movie was shot in autumn 2014 on location near the Greek/Turkish and Bulgarian borders.

tuesday 11 oct 6.30 p.m. werkstattkino

Marita Neher Seit mehreren Jahren setzt sie sich mit Krieg und globalem Terror auseinander und dreht weltweit Dokumentarfilme. Zum 10. Jahrestag von 9/11 realisierte sie die Dokumentation Freiheit oder Sicherheit. Der Anti-Terrorkampf und seine Folgen und veröffentlichte „Alptraum Sicherheit“ (S.Fischer). Sie lebt in Berlin.

Filme Amokläufer im Visier 2008 – Prekär, frei und Spaß dabei! 2009 – Freiheit oder Sicherheit 2011 – Bin ich sexy 2015 – Orientierungslosigkeit ist kein Verbrechen 2016 (11. UX)

Tatjana Turanskyj  has been a film maker and a performance artist since 2001, the year she co-founded the Berlin women’s film collective hangover ltd.*., of which she was a member until 2007 and in all of whose films she performed and acted as co-writer and co-director. The collective’s film Remake (2004) won the 1st Prize at the International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen in 2005. Since 2008 Tatjana Turanskyj has been a joint partner in the production company turanskyj & ahlrichs***, which produced her acclaimed and award winning film Eine Flexible Frau (The Drifter, 2010) as their first project. Her second film with turanskyj & ahlrichs***, Top Girl (2013) had its world premiere at the International Forum of Young Film at the 64th Berlin Film Festival in 2014. Her new Film “Disorientation is no crime”, which she had produced and directed together with documentary film maker Marita Neher was premiered 2016 at the 2. BERLIN CRITICS WEEK. TURANSKYJ is also working as a (script) writer and is co-founder of the women´s organization PRO Quote Regie for gender equality in the film business She is based in Berlin and develops two new films right now.

Films Remake 2004 – Sehnsucht nach Schüssen 2006 – Korleput 2007 – Eine flexible Frau 2010 – Top Girl 2014 – Orientierungslosigkeit ist kein Verbrechen 2016 (11. UX)