Wang Bing

China 2016

147 min – HD – Taang

B: Wang Bing – K: Wang Bing, Shan Xiaohui – S: Wang Bing, Adam Kerby – T: Emmanuel Soland
P: Wang Yang, Mao Gui – V: Asian Shadows



“As usual, Wang stays near his subjects, in generally longish takes that doggedly but respectfully stick with the person under observation, at a medium distance that permits their situation to be framed within an environment rendered in great detail. His camera seems to melt away, as, paradoxically, his subjects become accustomed to his intimately distanced presence. They look at the camera, but they also act as if it’s not there, divulging with absolutely natural authority not only their physical presence but also something like their ‘souls’.” – Shelly Kraicer, Vancouver International Film Festival

friday 7 oct 9.00 p.m. filmmuseum münchen

Wang Bing born in 1967 in Xi’an, in the Chinese province of Shaanxi, is one of the foremost contemporary documentary filmmakers. His films are about important moments in Chinese history, focusing special attention on the small and great stories of those who personally suffer the tragic consequences of specific historic events. He began his career as a photographer at the Department of Photography of the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts (1992) and at the Department of Cinematography at the Beijing Film Academy (1995). He made his debut as a film director in 2001 with the documentary Tie Xi Qu (West of the Tracks), a project conceived at an epic scale, which tells the story of the most ancient of Chinese industrial districts, Shenyang: the final version is a trilogy that lasts a total of 9 hours, transformed into the fascinating saga of a people and a nation.

Films West of the Tracks 2002 – Fengming, a Chinese Memoir 2007 (3. UX) – Crude Oil 2008 (4. UX) – Coal Money 2008 (4. UX) – Man With No Name 2008 – The Ditch 2010 - Three Sisters 2012 – ’til Madness Do Us Part 2013 (9. UX) – Father and Son 2014 – Taang 2016